Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Can Racism Be Solved..??

Hello guys, I want to share something with you all today. Every single diseases have the antidote so do racism. I think racism can be dealt with by several measures and strategies:

Malaysian consist a lot of races. Therefore to  make sure all the race have same rights, government must put strong laws to guarantee equal opportunity and overall equity as a fundamental part of their constitution and democracy. As we know, Malaysia is a free country, so civil right group must put aside their various different and collectively advocate for the creation of the relevant law along with the appropriate administrative agencies to stamp out all form of bigotry.

Other than that, education system can be effective role to ensure the security of a country that has a variety of ethnic and racial groups. People must be educated about prejudice and discrimination. Education system can become an agent for socialization and personality foster awareness among the people with the countries involved. Education goes through a country that can produce unity and understanding between ethnic and racial groups. Racist attitudes and thinking among students can be erased and eliminated with an effective education. So there have no more prejudice between students. 
Activities in school must involve all the student that consist difference ethnic such as football competition. With that activity, they can work together without prejudice at each other to win the competition and the there have no more racism attitude among them.

A large number of political parties based on ethnic groups struggle for the interests of each must be brought together into a larger political ties. Formation of this mixed political fun in the process of formation of a government that united the nation. Each problem arising in various ethnic groups can be carried discuss. This mixture can search for political solutions in the event of a conflict situation.

Okay, I think I will stop here for today and I will continue about this next time.

written by Nurul Atiqah Binti Mohamad