Tuesday, March 2, 2010

factor again..???political also factor right..

hi guy's...=)

like normal, i'm come back to you and of course, i also bring with me some more factor that can create a RACIST...!!!!!!

let's me share with all of you, the MAIN factor that can EXIST a RACIST in political view...

as we know, colonialism make a biggest effect to political system in our country...like i share in the last posting ( factor ), the LAW of BREAK and RULES are the main issue in this case..British government already introduce and teach all of citizen in Malaya to live and make a relation with their race only...!!!!i repeat, in their RACE only...!!!!!!

but WHY...????!!!!!

British know, if all of citizen in Malaya combine their power and spirit to be the INDEPENDENT COUNTRY, them also can DEFEATED...!!!!!!for SURE....!!!!so, if them just ignore about this case, it's can make a BIGGEST effect to their POWER and INFLUENCE in Asia...

So, to make sure their power still maintain, the British government create a political party base on RACE...!!!!!only in this way that them can be there in a long time,MORE THAN BEFORE...!!!!

effect of this plan, majority of us still have a bad impression to another race just base on NOTHING...!!!!!because of NOTHING...NO POINT...!!!!!isn't it...???!!!!!

that is the one of SUPREME SUCCESS for the British government...!!!!!beginning from this plan, the problem between race in Malaysia still happen and continue until NOW...!!!!!

how to solve it..???let THINK TOGETHER...if all of you need, or want to see the harmony and peaceful situation can be permanently happen...if not...i don't know...

see you later...

save our COUNTRY....say no to RACISM....!!!!!


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