Tuesday, March 2, 2010

One voice can make a difference, A million can change the world

Hi, everyone..
Okay..okay...i know...research question..(sigh~)
But before we go through to our research question..
I have made ' a little research' on this issue..hehe..
he he he..just some interviews with a few people..
As it is something that related to race, so i have interviewed three respondents representing

the three major races in our country.
Okay, everyone..these are the youth opinion..

Nurul Ashirah, a Ph.d student from the National University of Malaysia.

Nurul Ashirah, 30:

"Talking about racism in our country is not a brand new issue. it has already occurred since this country achieved independent. In my opinion, this spirit has been planted in everyone heart since they were a children. So, I think parents is the major factor. Parents always tell to their children that their race is the best among others. This belief called ethnocentrism..
So, when they grow up, they will bring this sentiment to community and born a lot of racist just like them..
For me, we live in the plural community should realize that there is no good to become a racist because every single of us are very important in developing this country. We need each other, so we have to work together as a team to build our nation. That's all!~"

This is Jeya Kumar, my friend since 2003.


Jeya Kumar, 19:
"I hate racism!! That's all!" Luckily I am a Malaysian.
Although there is still have some kind of discrimination here and there but it is still under control...
Only certain places people behave like this, especially in rural area because people in that area are not exposed to the knowledge about the effects of being racist to the unity in our country.
Hmm...Untill now, I still don't get it why people being a racist because we have already achieved independence for more than 50 years. That's mean we have live togethet as a plural society for more than 50 years!! We are one! All of us are same....human..so, why do treat other people like animals right??
I hope I can make them understand that being racist does not provide any benefits..surely..(sigh~)
Racism should be destroyed in everyone's mind because it is hurt!
I just tell what I feel...huhuhu.."

And this is Azfar Hadi Lim. He is a chinese..my best friend since form 1.

Azfar Hadi Lim, 20:

"Hmm..Racism...hey hey..why do you suddenly asking this controversial question??
By the way, this is my simple answer..
For me, Malaysia is one of the country that full with racist...Their mind are still colonized..
And I'm not blaming our people 100% because either we realize or not since we were young, we have been taught either directly or indirectly to become a racist...
learning in school, from parents, entertainments..mostly have a strong racial elements..
During the British colonial period, They divide us ( Chinese, Indian, Malay ) by the ISOLATION RULES..
Why they do so??
Because they don't want us to be unite..Actually they have seen the strength if we unite..but untill now people outside there still not realize especially racists...so poor..."

Ezuan : Hmm... :) So, to all readers..I have brought three representative exclusively to this blog..Special for all of you..I hope all of you will get some benefits from the opinion of the youth of the nation. 

"One voice can make a difference, A million can change the world"