Monday, March 15, 2010

Parents can prevent racism...??

Hi everyone...
I'm back..okay today I want to share something that can help to prevent racism.


Do you realize that parents cant be a good role model to prevent racism..???


Parents should commerce a good relationship between neighbours eventough they are from different race. For example. Visiting the neighbours when festive season arrive or when they are sick. This condition can make a relationship in a better order within the races. This positive action could be an informal lesson to the children. With that, they will be know each other to not to be a prejudice.

Okay, that all for tis time..

Nurul Atiqah Binti Mohamad
A 128385


FiNaRuYee said...

Cheng Yee Ting (A127169)
Well,no doubt that parents are role model for their children. Parents play an important role to inculcate or nurture their children with values.Howerver, as children grow up, they are often influence by people around them hence became racism. Therefore in such case how do you explain parents role in order to overcome the racism which is already bear in their children's mind?