Monday, February 22, 2010

another factors about racism

hi guys, anything in the world must have a factors before everything can be happen!!!i repeat, MUST HAVE a factors!!!!

so, today, i just want to share with all of you about a few factor that can CREATE a spirit of RACISM...!!!

the main factor for the racism in Malaysia is EFFECT OF COLONIALISM...in Malaysia, this factor make a BIGGEST effect to all of citizen...for example, the first RULES that we must agree is  LAW OF ISOLATION...!!!!

lets look at the picture to understand what i mean from the LAW OF ISOLATION...

i think,every person outside there maybe ask themself, what the meaning of LAW OF ISOLATION..????isn't it...??let's me share with all of you...

THE LAW OF ISOLATION mean the government which will control by BRITISH try to separate the 3 BIG races in Malaysia to stay in the same village and same places with their race...

one more question was coming...!!!!!why they do like this...?????

it's very easy,the answer is ONLY ONE...!!!!!!it's only because the government of British don't want to see, all of population in here live together in a happiness and peaceful...British know, if that situation  happen, the intentions to conquer Malaya's wealth will finish at that time...!!!!!!!

so, if they want to stay  here for a long time than before, they MUST DO LIKE THIS....!!!!!it's very simple, JUST MAKE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THEM( malay, chinese and indian ) ARE IN TROUBLE AND ALWAYS NEGATIVE THINKING...!!!!!only in that strategy can make them SUCCESS...!!!and British HAD DONE  IT....!!!!!!

effect of this LAW: every RACE in this country live in the divided place...in the end, another big effect will be come, because of the spirit of races embedded inside every heart...!!!!!so  BAD...!!!!!

that you know a tragedy of 13 may 1963..???that also one from another effect from the LAW OF ISOLATION....so sad if this tragedy will be happen again in the future...I pray for GOD, HOPEFULLY NOT....!!!!!

i have another factors to publish in this blog, but not this time..=)
if all of you need and want to know another factor about the RACISM, let visit this blog again, in another time...=)

one more thing before I stop writing, don't BE A RACIST...!!!!

thank you, and see at the next post...=)

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.: will be continue :.